Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Genealogy tip for the day: Intermission


Big Announcements here at BBB. It's a new day at BBB! Our blog has now become independent of the Rogers Public Library. From this day forward it will be my personal blog regarding genealogy. We will continue to give tips, lessons, and other helpful information. Also I will journal my own journey in this fascinating, obsessing avocation! Stay on board for more exciting adventures.

At the bottom you will continue to find a new menu for the day. If this changes we will let you know! (We are taking a break today, but will return to sharing great food with you tomorrow.)

Tomorrow we will continue our series on Common Mistakes people make or need to avoid in family history research!!
“History is who we are; Genealogy is who I am” sg
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Today’s Recipe
April – Tomato Month
Our daily recipe's will return tomorrow. I've got a whole list of them lined up waiting to be shared! Be sure to keep watch.
Apr 1st   Caprese Stacks
Apr 8th (Intermission)
Now You Know!