Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Recommended

Genealogy tip for the day: Book Recommended

Do you remember the series, seen or heard of "Who Do You Think You Are?" Megan Smolenyak has written a book of the same title. She is also part of the team that puts together the TV series that we see from time to time.

I would suggest you get this book, if you get the chance. It does come in soft back and is less expensive. It does contain all the same good advice. The only thing it doesn't have compared to the hardback are the pictures that are in the center of the hardback copy.

Some of the ideas that I put on here, come from that book. I know you can get it through Barnes and Noble, and from Amazon. There are probably a few other sources that you can use as well to obtain the book.

If you get the chance and can save your pennies for it, I would highly recommend you buying it. You can take your time working your way through it, mark or underline the parts that will be helpful to you, making it easier to find. It will be worth your while to get a copy. The copy I have cost $16.00 (softback). Make yourself a note to check into it today... You'll be glad you did.

“History is who we are; Genealogy is who I am” sg

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